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Why some days DO WE FEEL SO UGLY? April 1, 2010

We have all been there.. we wake up and feel gross… fat/ tired/ old /styless/ and we want to crawl back into our bed with good TV and a bag of chips.. we do this so that by the end of the day we feel even worse than we did that morning.. and the cycle continues until something more stressful happens and we are onto a new obsessions- giving our looks a break for a little while..or maybe we actually do something about feeling ugly.. some of the my craziest hair colours have happened during this time along with my fake nails, severly plucked eyebrows, a blow out , a new outfit that I never wear, signing up for a new class or diet program that usually does not work… as apparently on a diet you can not eat cookies and chocolate..:(

But stats tells us that only 10% of  females are ever happy with their looks... I actually thought that stat was pretty positive as I thought it would be 0% … as Heidi Klum has said that she has some really ugly days and she does not want to leave her house.. now her worst day would be better then my best day.. but regardless she feels it as much as the average person does as she feels the pressure to look her absolute best at all times.

We all have obsessions with how we look….. mostly my obsession is my skin… keeping it healthy and so my burnt legs are really hard for me to deal with and look at… some people are obsessed with their weight.. others their hair … and others their teeth???  and sometimes our obsessions rotate and change weekly depending on the level of our own ugly scale. 

After reading about this topic .. it is  consistent among the experts that all we can do is focus on one thing that is most key for us to feel beautiful. So I decided to  test this out..

So here are the options:

  1. Face
  2. hair
  3. Body

I have selected Face.. as I can live with extra  fat on my body more then having a  hollow tired looking face.. and face seems like the least effort to me? as body I just want to maintain:) and Hair… hair is too much work.. if I had super confidence I would cut it super short.. but I am not ready for that…

So pick yours what is it? Face? Body?  Hair

So next step is to pick your top 3 areas within your overall area:  for me Face..  My top 3 ares within Face are:

  1. teeth
  2.  avoid getting even more sun damage
  3.  healthy skin.. good level of collagen

So wrinkles did not make it in my top 3.. so I may need to live with my wrinkles.. and not be irritated when I see crows feet? wonder in ten years if wrinkle priority  will replace sun damage priority?

And from this you do an action plan.. and realize you can not be good in all areas.. as if you were … you would be a supermodel???


But other things to keep in mind:

  1. Celebrities spend an average of 200k per year on appearance- A listers closer to 500k
  2. Photo finishing changes a model from a size 4 to size 0.. and will take off as much as 35 pounds???
  3. Genetically 90% population can never have a flat stomach.. our colon and and all that other jazz.. can not be pushed in.. we are round there for health reasons..
  4. Average height is 5 feet 3 inches.. so anything beyond that you should celebrate.. as height can hide weights more easily
  5. Average weight is 164 pounds… so taller you are… the more weight you can add for average overall weight for americans
  6. 42% of americans over 40 do not have any natural teeth left
  7. 1 in 5 americans will have skin cancer
  8.  80% population have increased hair loss as they age
  9. Americans spend 1 billion a year on anti wrinkle creams.. and yet 100% will wrinkle as we age… just a matter of time..
  10. Americans spend 10 billion a year on beauty products but still 90% of americans are still unhappy with their looks? what is wrong here? maybe we are too hard on ourselves? or maybe those products do not really work? either way are we screwed?


Just imagine if you got in an accident and your face burned or your lost movement of your body… what would you say about how you look today? you would think you looked pretty awesome?  and you would do anything to look even 50% of how you look today. What shocks me is when I was 122 pounds I was not happy.. that is so insane and scarey? 122 pounds? I am 20 pounds heavier today? some days 25 pounds heavier:) but who is counting.. except me..

I have also developed a new strategy to help people to feel more beautiful:


1. marry someone 24 years older as no matter what you will look good to them

2. move to  West Virgina where Jamie Oliver says average weight is more then every other state- so you will be among friends there.

3. work from your house so you feel no pressure to look extra good.. or even good.. and when you do go out your will shock everyone how much you look when wearing clean clothes and have make up on

4. only buy Lululemon as it pushes your body tighter- and you can eat without feeling your pants are getting tighter… get rid of jeans.. get rid of all clothes that are ugly.

5. wear heels all day so you feel sexy… or high heeled slippers will do-

6. get rid of all mirrors

7. have a son who worships you no matter how you look..

8. hang out with people who care even  less about their appearance  then you do

9.  read about all the pretty stars who are drug addicts.. consider becoming a drug addict and then remember that all drug addicts have horrible skin and teeth

10. hang out at WALMARTS.. you will feel so beautiful…

Last but not least… money makes you really beautiful.. so focus on how tokii will make so much money.. that those ugly days will be replaced by “ugly days but with money to spend on all the latest things to make you feel pretty)

Or a really crazy idea???? People who are insecure about their looks/ weight/ etc.. are so are average- to love your body and your looks would make you unique and don’t we want to be unique? who wants to fall into the camp of 90% of americans who are unhappy with their looks.. let’s be one of  the 10%-  maybe that is my goal? yeah that is my new goal… I am going to be in the 10% of the population? that being said.. I am off to worship my body by having a long bath and applying this great new face mask that I heard will make me look even younger after just 10 applications :):)


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